Travel Bucket List Check-Off : Yosemite National Park

Last month I had a chance to witness the amazingness that is Yosemite National Park! I made a last minute YOLO decision to participate in the Inaugural Yosemite Half Marathon (shoutout to one of my favorite Cali couples, Rachel & Kevin, for telling me about it and being AWESOME company) and I have no regrets about it even though I was limping for the next few days. So, yeah, I hadn’t been training, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to check out a spot on my travel bucket list with some very cool folks and get a long run in. Sometimes you should just go….don’t think too hard about it!

Not really into nature or outdoors? I still highly recommend checking Yosemite out! There are beautiful winding roads with spots for you to hop out and snap pics and there is plenty of parking in designated areas of the park for when you’ve had enough and rather check out the park through your car windows.

The views and terrain were unlike anything I’ve ever seen! And the weather was amazing for an October day. Sunny, few clouds and probably mid-70’s. So much beauty and peace in one place! So many places to go with so little time, but this is definitely a place I hope I make it back to soon.

 Happy Travels!!

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