Solo Travels in Amsterdam & Belgium

A couple of months ago I took my second trip to Europe and my first trip to The Netherlands and Belgium. Let’s just say I am in LOVE! I hope I can make my way back there soon. Check out a few of my recommendations for food, fun, and museums if you’re considering solo travels in Amsterdam & Belgium.

Solo Travels in Amsterdam

Canals everywhere!

The Food!

So, what was so special about the trip? Anyone who knows me well will tell you how much I love to eat. I mean, LOVE to eat. No exaggeration. I found some excellent food options of all kinds on my trip, which was definitely a highlight. My daily Belgian waffles with Nutella, whipped cream and strawberry gave me life every day! But, my favorite food find was the fish & chips at Bia Mara in Brussels. Hands down the best fish & chips I’ve ever had!

Solo Travels in Amsterdam

Belgian waffle everyday…yes, please!

Solo Travels in Amsterdam

Lemon & basil tempura fish & chips @ Bia Mara = AMAZING!

And, The Museums!

And then there were the great museums. You can’t visit that area of the world and not visit the museum gems there.  I visited the  Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and Musee fin-de-siecle Museum of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. All three were excellent, but Van Gogh Museum really stood out to me. I loved the collections I saw there and was really intrigued by Vincent Van Gogh’s life and story.

Solo Travels in Amsterdam

@ The Van Gogh Museum

My favorite thing about Amsterdam was how it was such an easy place to have a great time for a solo traveler like me. I was in awe of how beautiful the canals, gardens and buildings were. To add to that, the people were kind and in many of my encounters, pretty welcoming. I also ran into and connected with many American tourists who were also very nice and friendly.

In day to day life, we sometimes get caught up in the unpleasant aspects of what’s going on in the world. Scary news stories, negative people or just focusing on what’s wrong in our lives.  On my trip I spent my time focusing on what’s good and beautiful in the world. Kind people, delicious food, and just beautiful, positive vibes. I was reminded that I can take that same outlook every day of my life, no matter where I am. It was one of my favorite solo trips and a quiet reminder to me that God’s peace and love can be found in all things…everywhere.

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