Living Fearless And Free – Vancouver Edition

I took a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, for Labor Day weekend 2015. This was my first time in Vancouver and I didn’t make the time to plan the trip out like I normally would. I basically just flew in and planned as I went. No pressure, no stress. A few Google and Yelp searches and comfortable shoes got me everywhere I needed to be. It turned out to be a beautiful trip and yet another personal experience of living fearless and free wherever you are – Vancouver edition!

Vancouver was a pretty easy place to travel solo. I felt safe there and I found it to be a very walkable city.  Not too much “hustle and bustle”. Really low key, which made for a perfect spot to relax, shop, eat and walk around.


My favorite area of the city that I walked around in was Gastown. Very cute area with lots of local restaurants and bars. Not too far away from that area, in Chinatown, I stumbled upon what became my favorite food find from that weekend. A Caribbean restaurant called Calabash Bistro. My food and drink were excellent and I enjoyed the laid-back vibe that centered around Caribbean culture, food, arts, and music.

Living Fearless and Free - Vancouver

Streets of Gastown

Living Fearless and Free - Vancouver

Brunch at Calabash Bistro

Living Fearless and Free

The best part of my trip was on the last day before I went back to Cali. I spent some down time at a Starbucks thinking about all the things I was thankful for that had happened to me recently. One of them was choosing to experience life living fearless and free. Making this choice has led to me moving across the country leaving behind the comforts and stability of my ATL life. I now show up at events where I know absolutely no one else there and take trips (like this Vancouver trip) where I show up without a full itinerary or plan. Living a life fearless and free has helped me stay in the present moment and fully experience life right now. I spend less time worrying about what “could” or “might” or even “might not” happen in future moments. All I really have is right now…and I’m going to make the best of it!

Living Fearless and Free - Vancouver

To end my trip and keep building on my momentum around living fearless and free, I decided to check out a must-do Vancouver activity. It put fear into my heart just thinking about it! ha! At some point in my life, I developed a fear of heights. While it may not be a big deal to some, walking across the Suspension Bridge and the Cliffwalk at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park was a huge deal for me!  I got light-headed a few times and gave some dirty looks to kids who ran across the bridge and made it shake too much for my liking. But, I was all smiles in the end.  No better feeling than pushing yourself past the things you’ve led yourself to believe you’re afraid of!

Living Fearless and Free - Vancouver

Suspension Bridge

Thanks to the city of Vancouver for a great time and helping me along this journey of living life without fear!!

What ways are you choosing to live life fearless and free?

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