36 Hours in LA – Now What?

I took a quick trip to LA a couple of weekends ago. The flight was very inexpensive and quick from San Francisco. I tried to squeeze in as much as I could in my 36 hours in LA, but I loved the little bit I did so I’ll definitely be back soon! Check out a few places I went during my quick weekend trip. I highly recommend all of them.

One of the main reasons I decided to go to LA that weekend was to check out the Our Family Dinner LA event at STK in the W Los Angeles Hotel. The event was put on through an organization called Our Family Dinner with local LA hosts. I’m so glad I went! Met some great people and had an amazing time. I highly recommend going to one of the dinners in their many locations across the U.S. and world. Check out their website here.

Where to Eat and Play

Later in the evening I made my way to the Sunset Blvd. location of a vegan restaurant called Sage Vegan Bistro. I’m not vegan, but I like checking out vegan restaurants because I end up finding some unique dishes that taste really good. My Baja Avocado tacos were soooo good, but my favorite part of my meal was the raw, vegan banana split I ordered. So good and I felt a little better about eating this sweet goodness because it was vegan.

36 Hours in LA

On Sunday before I went to the airport I took an Uber over to Santa Monica for brunch at Blue Daisy Cafe. It was super crowded when I got there (which is usually a good sign to me) but since I was solo, I was able to get seated pretty quickly. My blueberry pancakes and Sunrise drink were delicious!

36 Hours in LA

I had to walk some of that Blue Daisy Cafe off, so I took a quick stroll to Santa Monica Pier.  The weather was perfect, so it was a nice and relaxing walk over. I didn’t get a chance to sit on the beach or try out any of the restaurants at the pier, but just being close enough to walk over and see it was awesome for me given how quick the trip was. Would definitely go back to sit out at the beach!

36 Hours in LA

LA is dope….no secret there! I’ve only been a few times so I’m looking forward to going back many more times since it’s such an easy trip from the Bay. Even though I only had 36 hours in LA this time, it still made a nice, easy weekend trip!

What’s your favorite spot for a quick getaway?


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